Book III of The Frontmire Histories


As for the Dragon Greensmorld, he’s mean, powerful, self-centered, self-serving, narcissistic, merciless and pitiless: he’s a perfect Dragon!



           Daektoch hasn’t had enough!  His hatred of the Elves has clouded his judgment, so he retrieves an evil sorceress from the Netherworld to assist him in defeating them.  The problem is, she has ideas of her own – total mayhem!

            Greensmorld the Dragon awakes from a thousand year slumber, and he and the sorceress immediately become the best of enemies.  The sorceress Kravorctiva, along with her assistants, plague the Elves, killing them by the score – the Elven magic is no competition for the ancient sorceries they wield. The only way to send them back to the Netherworld is by means of the Elfstone soiccat.

            Stanton leads a party in search of soiccat, but the quest quickly falls prey to other forces. The mission appears to be a failure in addition to having lost most of its ranks.

            Greensmorld refuses to assist the Elves, but the Dark Queen is persuasive, unorthodox, but persuasive.  The Elven nation, which has been at peace, is now in peril again.  Where will succor be found?

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